World’s Longest Sea Bridge

World’s Longest Sea Bridge 4

World’s Longest Sea Bridge 2Civil Engineering has benefited a lot from the developments in science and technology. New construction techniques which are both cost effective and efficient have enabled engineers to construct wonders across the world. This breakthrough in the construction industry has also led to setting up of new records in height,length and size of structures.

World’s Longest Sea Bridge  3Previously, the largest sea bridge title was owned by the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in Louisiana. Now this title has been given to another bridge entry which beats its predecessor by a length of three miles. This longest sea bridge is located in China along its eastern port city of Qingdao to the island of Huangdao. The structure comprises of more than 5,000 pillars which help it extend over a length of 24 miles.

World’s Longest Sea BridgeThis amazing bridge, longest sea bridge, took a time span of years to be constructed and required an expenditure of £960million for its completion. Chinese TV reports have mentioned that the bridge has been cleared by the construction experts and it will be opened for traffic without further delay. One must really be thankful to the scientists for coming up with techno stuff and to engineers for making use of it.

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