Diminish And Ascend – Stairway That Seems To Go On Forever

Diminish and Ascend #2 - David McCracken (NZ)

Stairway to Heaven – Diminish and Ascend 3How many of you have heard about the “Sculpture by the Sea” exhibition? If you haven’t then Google it right away and take a look at this annual exhibition which allows many sculptors and artists to present their talent and make use of their creativity to the fullest extent. The particular exhibit that we will be talking about is located at Bondi Beach, Australia and has been named; ‘Diminish and Ascend’. Stairway to Heaven – Diminish and AscendThe sculpture sure is amazing and breathtaking. Let’s not forget that it is inspiring too, a staircase that points towards heavens.

The sculpture has been created by David McCracken and is basically comprised of aluminum stair steps that have been welded together.  This particular assembly has resulted in a staircase which points towards the sky, depending upon the angle at which you’re looking at it and the conditions of the clouds. It appears to be hard to climb though and not to mention; looks dangerous as well.

Stairway to Heaven – Diminish and Ascend 4Such exhibitions help bring out the best in artists and more of such exhibitions should be held every year. This will help in boosting the morale of the artists while adding to the beauty of the area where these sculptures or the art pieces are being placed and Hey, who doesn’t like looking at a stairway to heaven on their way to beach!

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