World’s Largest Offshore Wind Power Plant Nears Completion In The UK

Overpopulation and enhanced industrialization have put us in a severe energy crisis. The consequence is being faced on a global level and the entire world is walking hand in hand proposing alternatives to cater to the situation. One such effort has borne fruit with the anticipated completion of the world’s largest offshore wind farm, about 120 kilometers off England’s Yorkshire coast.

The project Hornsea One promises the supply of electricity to 1 million UK homes. Covering a vast area, the location and architecture stand out compared to other wind farms. Equipped within are 174 seven-megawatt wind turbines and 100-meter tall towers. Vouching for the productivity of the farm, Stefan Hoofing, a senior project manager, claims that each rotation of a turbine has the capability of powering up an average home for a day.

One of the energy challenges, the United Kingdom struggles to achieve is anticipated to be done via the wind farm, by handing over one-third of the state’s electricity load to offshore winds. But, this milestone will yet take a decade to be achieved.

Recently during the United Nations Climate Action Summit, while debating on the contribution of each country in controlling climate change and preserving the environment, each one promised to play a significant role in the cause. Discussions were carried out on how to work the harmful emissions as well. Renewable Energy sources back up the plans that aim to prevent the climate. The world has witnessed plentiful promises before as well, but next to nothing has been seriously done so far. The trends of graphs on global emissions were rising until 2018. As per the statistics extracted from the International Energy Agency, power generation via coal has remarkably added to CO2 emissions. And clean energy sources have become the backbone for survival.

Foreseeing the benefits of the project, three more phases are being planned in Britain. It is anticipated that by 2035, such renewable energy sources shall share 50% of the load of power generation. Owing to the water crisis, sources requiring less to no water are especially being studied. And under these circumstances, the wind farm power generation is a win-win project.

The mastermind behind the windfarm is Orsted that already owns the crown for building around 25 offshore wind farms in Europe, the United States and Asia. It has specifically been working on the control of carbon emissions and has minimized the use of coal for power generation.

Before this huge project, Orsted’s Walney Extension is known to be the biggest offshore windfarm, operational in the world today.

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