China’s First Hospital For Coronavirus Patients Completed In A Week


The fastest built hospital from scratch is under process in China, specifically being designed to cater for Coronavirus patients. But, as an emergent measure, a vacant building has been turned into a functional hospital, dedicated only for those fighting the disease.

The hospital is located near Wuhan and is equipped with all basic necessities. It is the result of untiring efforts from workers and volunteers continuously for two days. Beds, water supplies, electricity, internet facility, all have been placed and provided within the premises. The hospital can hold a capacity of 1000 patients, and the first batch has already been transferred.

Referred to as Dabie Mountain Regional Medical Centre, it was expected to be operational from May, but owing to the situation getting out of control, the authorities had to order the conversion of the building into one for coronavirus patients only. A large amount of human force and capital resources were utilized for the completion of the task. The location is about 47 miles south-west of Wuhan and holds a population of about 7.5 million. The area shares a huge number of coronavirus patients, around 213 with 4 confirmed deaths.

The city along with Wuhan, lying in the province of Hubei, has been facing transport and business shutdowns. Residents are prisoned within the city boundaries, as other regions are restricting any sort of travel from the hub of disease. Fearing from the human-to-human transmission of the virus, all states are on their toes taking preventive measures, including strict screening on all air and land ports.

A major threat following is the rise of the epidemic in those who haven’t traveled to China. Their history links them indirectly to those who have somehow come to physical contact with the patients or been to Wuhan recently. A similar case originates from Germany, where a patient caught the disease from a woman coming from Wuhan, while 3 more got infected from the man.

Peeking into some figures, the number of patients rose from 308 (as on 21st January) to a doubled-tripled figure of 6,059 (on 29th January).

Speeding up the medical facilities, four construction companies are instructed to stay on toes until the completion of what is being called as Fire God Mountain Hospital, spreading on an area of six-acre and capable of accommodating 1000 beds. Another one, being built in Jiangxia District, has a capacity of 1500 and an area of 7.4 acres. The latter one is named Thunder God Mountain Hospital. Both of them are structured on the hospital constructed back in 2003 in Beijing to treat SARS patients.


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