World’s Largest Green Roof Will Soon Be Completed In California

largest gcalifornia will see largest green roof in abandoned mall

The Silicon Valley, California has contributed much towards the Information age. All the innovations and developments have changed the face of the area. If one wants to see all the latest technologies in the digital world, a round trip in California is deemed enough. With the recent rise in environmental pitfalls, and green culture sprouting through the major tech companies, we were just waiting for mega-green leafy projects to blossom around the area. As a result, we will witness the world’s largest green roof at the top of an abandoned mall and several acres of more nature-inspired areas all thanks to Uruguayan architect named Rafael Vinoly.

largest gcalifornia will see largest green roof in abandoned mall2

The Vallco shopping mall present in the heart of Silicon Valley presents a stark contrast to the posh areas in the city. The overall look is gloomy, half the shops are empty, the food court is abandoned, and it is declining steadily to become the latest victim of the wrecking ball demolition gang. But, this foreign architect had another idea. He wanted to make its roof the largest green roof in the world through uplift projects and artistic landscape reorganization. The ambitious project will see the nearby areas converted into planned buildings at different elevations to give a beautiful view of the area. The project as a whole will occupy more than 30 acres and will include office space, bowling areas, cinemas, revamped food court and 800 separate residential units as well.

largest gcalifornia will see largest green roof in abandoned mall3

Green roofs have numerous benefits like improved air quality, sound insulation and temperature control for the building underneath, so the mall will look great after the developers have had their way about it. In addition to the usual benefits of a green roof, the area will be converted to one of the largest elevated community parks in the locality with vineyards, orchards, meadows and even playgrounds and animal sanctuaries.

The whole mega-development scheme will cost around a whopping 3 billion and many consortiums, and other groups are backing it. When built, it will be the perfect example of sustainable urban populace. I am really looking forward to it!

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