Crazy Zombie-Proof Cabin Hits Kickstarter And Gives You A Chance To Fight The Zombies

tiger sheds zombie cabin

It all depends on how much you are a fan of I am Legend, World War Z, and Resident Evil Franchise. If you are captivated by the unique idea of Will Smith’s deep performance or Brad Pitt’s adrenaline-filled thriller, you might have thought in depth about how it would feel to have a real zombie apocalypse experience. Tiger Sheds, a British company aims to bring its Zombie Fortification Cabin (ZFC-1) concept to life. It aims to let people have an experience of their lifetimes in an interactive horror setting in an ancient forest or unused factory.

At the moment, it is gathering information and feedback from their Kickstarters, other backers, and undead aficionados, but the basic design of the ZFC remains the same. It consists of a sealed two-storey cabin with kitchen, secure garden, storage area, additional garden, a couple of bedrooms and a gymnasium to build ourselves like Will Smith.To create more drama and an aura of seclusion, the cabin will be surrounded by barbed wire, and there will be a protected deck along with an escape hatch to flee if the need arises. 

tiger sheds zombie cabin2 tiger sheds zombie cabin3

The company has picked up two spots where it would like to create a prop for this zombie apocalypse setting. It will either be in the abandoned factory in Leeds as shown here or this excellent dark forest in Nottingham. If the ambitious Kickstarter campaign proves to be successful, the backers will experience zombie simulation experience with a bunch of actors and performers dressed as zombies and then they would have to complete several objectives to survive the whole ordeal. It will be fun, don’t you think?

The Kickstarter campaign is currently going on. Pledges start at 50 pounds that include a guided tour of the Tiger Sheds site and some hair-raising experience. Backers who are looking to get more involved in the apocalyptic situation will have to spend a whopping 1,000 pounds for an overnight stay including more than 12 hours in the cabin and a staged surprise zombie attack at multiple points. It will all be ready for Halloween 2016 if all goes according to plan. But, the astronomical price is keeping backers at bay with only 125 dollars pledged right now.

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