World’s First Invisible Skyscraper To Be Built In South Korea

invisible skyscrapper korea

Image of the Day  Invisible skyscraper-3The trends of buildings shifted to skyscrapers and since then we have been witnessing more and more stylish skyscrapers rising up to the sky and talking to clouds. However, have you noticed how they block out the view? Yeah, they kind of kill the scenic beauty that we all crave for, don’t they? Today’s article is about how Engineers have come up with a solution for that.

Image of the Day  Invisible skyscraper-2The South Koreans have come up with the idea of buildings by raising a skyscraper that can turn invisible. The idea is to cover the entire building with cameras and LEDs. The LEDs will display whatever the cameras on the other side are looking at.

Image of the Day  Invisible skyscraper-1That means it will be virtually invisible to everybody and hence the skyline will always have clouds and blue skies. That’s wonderful engineering indeed!



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  1. I think birds will be less prone to crash into this than regular towers, since it will have all that electronic hardware on the outside of it giving off slight magnetic fields. As I recall, birds are sensitive to magnetic fields and would probably detect it and correct their flight accordingly.
    What I would like to know is, what exactly do you see in a “4D Theater”??

  2. the birds will smash and get killed by this invisible building, Its already a problem arround skyscrapers around the world with reflective windows. and the mortality is high.

    1. you are stupid. The building looks invisible when you’re standing near the building on the ground at eye level. From the top, you will still see the building. It is not as if the whole building becomes invisible at any angle, only certain angle.

      1. No, he isn’t stupid. ORDINARY skyscrapers kill millions of birds when they crash into them, because glass reflects the sky. This is hardly going to be better.

      2. Well from the ground it isn’t completely invisible either, you can notice there’s a building, it’s just the effect from the first time. Anyway, it’s designed for the people who pass by not for people flying above or from the neighboring tower.

    1. Well, they crash into buildings even if they’re solidly opaque. It’s their own problem, they should wear better glasses, next time!