The World’s Fastest Go-Kart Can Now Hit 60 Mph In 1.5 Seconds

Daymak C5-Blast 1 go-kart

Almost all the automobile industries have been making progress to show the power of electricity in cars. Tesla recently demonstrated the electric power in cars, however, no progress has been made in the Go-Karting industry so far. Canada based electric bikes, scooters, and ATV  manufacturing company Daymak has claimed to develop the world’s fastest go-kart, using battery power.

Daymak claims that their latest C5-Blast Ultimate is capable of sprinting to 60mph (98km/h) as quickly as 1.5 seconds. This makes Tesla’s SP100D Model second in the race as it takes 2.28 seconds to reach the same speed mark. For now, the fastest accelerating EV in the world is Grimsel. It hits 62mph (100km/h) in 1.513 seconds, but Daymak will snatch this title from Grimsel soon.

C5-Blast uses a 10-kW brushless electric motor to get the required power. The motor is fed by a 2400-Wh lithium-ion battery, however, it is not the only thing that is helping it to leap off the line. There are four Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) motors that provide 60kg (132 lb) of forwarding thurst, located near the driver. There are eight more of these motors mounted in the body providing 96 kg (212 lb) of upward thrust. This means that a cart of 200-kg will perform as if it weighed only 100 kgs.

Daymak C5-Blast

President of Daymak, Aldo Baiocchi, said “We could actually make it lighter and faster and at some point the Go-Kart would start floating like the Star Wars land speeder or we could add wings and it would fly.” he added, “Speed will not be an issue and we think we can go eventually under one second 0 to 60 making it faster than any vehicle in existence.”

Daymak admits that the technology is still at early stages so it is not sure at the moment how fast they expect their fastest go-kart to go. F1 teams have played around with fans as well but there is no proof that giving a life will allow the go-kart to go faster. However, the horizontal fans in the body will reduce traction effectively. This effects the kart’s ability to put its power down but Daymak is probably be counting on the fans behind the driver to overcome any loss in this area.

Daymak is expected to sell two of its Go-Karts models soon. C5-Blast model without the EDF system will cost around US$9,999. However, if you wish to reach 60mph in 1.5 seconds, you need to pay up to US$59,999. In this price of one Ultimate, you can have a Shelby Mustang GT350 and enough money to get a conventional kart. Have a look at the test video of the prototype of Daymak C5-Blast and enjoy the jet engine-like sound from the kart’s engine.

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