The New GMC All-Mountain Sierra Fears No Steep Mountain Or Snow

GMC All-Mountain

If you live in the snowy mountains or are fond of visiting snow-covered hills every now and then, there is a good news for you. GMC took its Sierra Denali 4WD and turned it into a monster with four grippy tank tracks by replacing the wheels. As shown in a promo video, this, GMC All-Mountain vehicle moves it tires apart the ski slopes of Whistler as it moves like a beast.

GMC used a very simple concept in its favor. Take a monster truck, take out its regular wheels and replace them with tank tracks. Now your truck is ready for all the winter duties and has the capability to handle deep snow and serious gradients. Normally, you would need a snowmobile or a helicopter to explore the hills and open up a vast playground in the winter months.

Nissan was also in news with a similar concept when it unveiled Rogue Warrior in Montreal last January, however, GMC has won the ground this time around.

The gigantic GMC All-mountain concept has a monster 6.6-liter turbo diesel engine that gives 445 horsepower and an amazing torque of 910 lb-ft. It drives it four Mattracks 150 series tracks through a six-speed auto transmission. It also has Thule snowboard and luggage racks on board, a gigantic light bar and underbody LED lights. To give it a fine finish, GMC added leather interior with Bose stereo speakers. All these upgrades make this GMC All-mountain a real beast!

GMC All-Mountain

So far this GMC All-mountain is only a concept and is not up for sale. There are some other options in the market for regular truck owners to drive in snow like Track n Go system which costs around US$25,000. It can be installed to most 4WD in almost 15minutes. With Track n Go, you can end up with a little more elevation as the wheels are driving the tracks.

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