Check Out The World’s Brightest LED Flashlight That Shines 108,000 Lumens


You might have heard of an artificial sunlight during filmmaking or some sparkling flashlights, but this one is surely above and beyond that!

You will not see a brighter flashlight than this. This eye-blinding and skin-scorching flashlight yields 108,000 lumens! For this output, two 100 Watt LEDs are mounted on the front. LED bulbs yield seven times more light than the halogen bulbs, amounting to a whopping 8.4 kW Halogen.

The light uses four 5000 mA lights at their full brightness that drains away the entire battery within 10 minutes. You would have guessed already that this much power and energy will also produce a lot of heat. After six minutes, the bulb gets too hot to handle, even with the two computer cooling fans.

[Image Courtesy of Vortecks]
These lights are not practical to use while posing serious hazards if directed into someone’s eyes; they may lead to temporary blindness. They can also cause a nasty burn if someone is silly enough to hold this heat-dissipating device for a long span of time.

What do you think about the environmental aspects of this invention? Is it practical enough to use in a daily-life routine?
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