Man Loses His Phone While Recording A Video From His Plane..The Phone Survives The Fall

Capturing the skies and the land underneath in beautiful photos when you are flying above in an airplane is something most people can not resist. There is really no harm in that unless your smartphone gets sucked out of the plane and falls off. While flying in a small plane, a man from Tennessee, Blake Henderson was recording a video of another plane using his Samsung Galaxy S5 when the phone fell out of the window.

The result of the fall should have been shreds of the phone, but surprisingly it survived falling into a yard where a man was working. The phone captured a video of its fall until it landed on a pile of hedge trimmings.

The recording of the fall itself was not very happening, but when the ground received it, a voice was heard saying, “Oop. Here’s your phone.”

Then another voice answered, “This ain’t my phone! Mine’s in my pocket. It’s got recording on too…”

The man and his wife who were working in the yard then went through the videos and photos on the phone in utter confusion. It was not until they saw the airplane shots that they realized what had happened and then got the phone back to Henderson.

Here is the spot the phone from the sky had landed:

Image: Imgur

Here is the video:

And here is the longer unedited version:

Sometimes you can lose your stuff in your house and never be able to find it and sometimes you can throw it from the skies and find it unscathed.

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