NASA Engineer Makes The World’s Largest Water Gun That Is Powerful Enough To Break Glass

When you see Mark Rober’s new video notification, it’s time to drop everything and click on the damn thing. This is especially true when it features the world’s largest Super Soaker that fires water at 243 mph!

If you have ever seen any of Mark Rober’s previous work like tips for surviving a grenade blast or diving into 25 million orbeez pool, you would also be jumping with joy like us! After all, the prospect of watching a record-breaking water gun powerful enough to cut through watermelons and shattering glass is not something you see everyday!

This Super Soaker gun is 7 feet long, and as of now the super-sized Super Soaker officially has made its name into the annals of the Guinness World Record. The water gun uses a giant reservoir and pressurizing mechanism to blow a 2,400 PSI water jet that blasts out of the barrel and is strong enough to throw a man off his feet.

You have to watch this one folks and decide if it was not worth sharing!

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