Work In Your Office Like A Boss With This Foot Hammock

Fuut Hammock4

So far all the office gadgets that we have seen are the type that needs to be placed on top of a table in order to make use of them. However, we often forget that the most basic requirements can be fulfilled without the need of technology. Something as simple as a hammock used smartly can perform wonders for you and that is exactly what this post is about; an under-table hammock known as Fuut.Fuut Hammock2 Fuut Hammock3

Why the peculiar name? That is because this particular hammock is designed for your feet. Sounds strange, does it? Take a look at the picture and you’ll understand what we mean by it. This hammock is placed under your desk and will let you place your feet comfortable while you work instead of shifting their positions awkwardly every now and then. The hammock can be adjusted to different levels as per the requirement; this means that while working you can lower it almost to the ground level and then when you’re on a break you can raise it higher and have coffee like a boss.Fuut Hammock5 Fuut Hammock6

This gadget makes use of a simple idea and design and executes it perfectly. The gadget, no doubt, does not make use of any high tech stuff but it sure is one of the most wanted gadgets that you can ask for in an office. The Fuut hammock is available at a price of $30 and in a number of different colors.

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  1. Beth Wozny Reply

    Can you please tell me how I go about getting one of these foot hammocks and what colors you have? Thank you.

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