Scientists Invent A Shirt That Does Not Require Washing


wool & prince

Guys are usually least bothered about ironing their clothes, or ironing themselves. They would rather pay the laundry guy to wash and iron their clothes for them. You’ll find that most of them wear shirts for too long without getting them washed, that’s just the general average guy psyche!  Some of them, when confronted about this will tell you with a smirk that they get clothes washed and ironed from someones else so that the laundry guy can make a few extra bucks and they really are doing a favor to the community; stabilizing the economy if you will. Wool&Prince2 For all such guys there is a new kind of men’s shirt being developed and brought to market that will solve this laundry problem forever. The manufacturer has claimed that this super awesome shirt can be worn more than a hundred- Yes, you read that alright, a hundred times- without it requiring a wash. Boy oh boy, that’s a load off our chest, wouldn’t you agree? Who has the time to get his shirts washed every now and then? The viable solution for this is; Wool&Prince. The creators have claimed three things;

  • It will not wrinkle.
  • It will not get dirty.
  • It will not smell.


What more can a man ask from his shirt, eh? Wool&Prince began their fund raiser in mid-April and have surpassed the $30,000 mark. The name is also becoming quite famous over the internet as well since more and more people are becoming interested in this out-of-the-world-shirt. What makes this shirt so special? Why does it have such amazing and peculiar abilities? The answer is wool. Unlike cotton, wool is durable! Yet it retains other properties of cotton; it is soft, breathable and feels good against your skin. Wool&Prince Designers of Wool&Prince based in Brooklyn claimed that the fine wool thread is the key to temperature control and moisture wicking. The fabric can last six times longer as compared to cotton. The shirt is priced at $98. Even if the shirt doesn’t do what they claim it does or doesn’t do it as good as they say it should, the fact that this has opened up new roads can’t be denied. The real question that remains is the market feasibility. Can the Wool &Prince shirt with its ‘Cotton-Soft’ wool threading make the market impact that its creators are hoping it would? Does the future really belong to shirts where we no longer need to clean them? We can’t say that all this doesn’t excite us. We are interested in seeing how well this shirt would hold to its creators’ claims and how much of a market impact it will be able to make. Fingers crossed, for this wonderful piece of engineering that guarantees that no longer we need to worry about ironing our shirts or getting them washed or worrying about that stain! It shall all be taken care of without us even lifting a finger.


  1. samora Reply

    yep ! Wit’ ol my water scarcity worries. Thumbs up ! Don 4get abt vests and briefs…too.

  2. Tarek Morsi Reply

    If this is true the inventors will be terminated by detergent and washing machines manufacturers !!!

  3. Edariah Abu Bakar Reply

    U (non-wash non-iron shirts) are the answer the my lonely prayer! 😀

  4. Robbin BAnks Reply

    What rubbish. No doubt the shirt will cast 5 times more than an average shirt anyway. It would take about 200 washes to recover it value considering not many wash a shirt on its own anyway. The more people buy into this crap the more scientists will carry on inventing stuff until society destroys itself.

  5. Survesh Jones Reply

    can we use deodarant on it? is it washable? how long does it come when washed regularly? can we wash it if we accidentally spill something on it? is it stain proof?

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