Wondering How YouTubers Can Afford a Luxury Life? Here is Some Simple Maths


If you do not know anyone personally who makes YouTube videos for a living, you might never imagine how much money they actually make. YouTubers make a lot of money, provided that they have enough subscribers and get more than the ‘just sufficient’ views. Ever wondered why people resort to pulling the weirdest of stunts some of which even end up into sad deaths? It is all for more subscribers and more money. If you have a brilliant idea for a new YouTube channel, make sure it is a sane one.

It is no rocket science that YouTubers make money off of the ads that are displayed on their videos. Advertisements offer great money and higher the clicks, higher are the views, which means more money for the YouTube channel owner. If you are anything below 10,000 views, you are not eligible for monetizing your channel, but as soon as you reach the minimum, you can begin making money off of your videos through ads.

For a YouTube star who has subscribers in millions and their videos have a reach of hundreds of millions, it is not hard to imagine how much money they would make off of it. To put the number of views and subscribers into perspective, we will have a look at the channel RiceGum. The YouTube channel has over 6 million subscribers, and his video views total to over 250,000,000. The man behind the channel, Bryan Le makes an average of 117,500 dollars a month. This amount obviously varies with how well his videos do, but that still accounts for more or less 1.4 million dollars a year. He also shares his house with a few other internet stars, so you can imagine the entire household makes together.

Rice Gum (Source: YouTube)

Let me remind you, YouTubing is not easy money after all! A lot of hard work goes into making a YouTube video spanning mere seconds. It can be exhausting; beginning with the script, then filming, editing, more importantly, making it unique enough to catch viewer’s attention. If you are thinking about doing it, be prepared to lose some life in the process, but it might just be worth it.

Jake and Logan Paul, two brothers with over 6 million subscribers each on their YouTube channels, just bought two matching 2018 Lamborghini cars and they will be picking them up this November. The car costs slightly below 3 million if that puts all the YouTube money into perspective.

Jake and Logan Paul (Source: People)

Do you have any unique and interesting idea worthy enough to start a YouTube Channel? Share your views in the comments section below.




    If I have one then I shouldn’t tell you of course! :’)
    If I have one then I shouldn’t tell you of course! :’)
    If I have one then I shouldn’t tell u of course !:’)

  2. The drunken old beggar Reply

    Well i actually tried doing some of these and had problems with the monetization! And its not because of Copyright

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