Gun Vs Random Everyday Objects That Light Up Into Flames In Blink Of An Eye

Commence the YouTube weekly video sequence of Liquid Nitrogen, Fidget Spinners, Slo-Mo Experiments, 1000 Degree knife, Hydraulic Press, and Gun Shots! MrGear is at it again, and this time he has a loaded revolver that is wrecking havoc or all kinds of everyday objects that can light up into flames and make a truly “bombastic” video.

The video begins with shooting some smoking lighters “for science”. But it wasn’t psychotic enough, so the YouTuber put them on fire before putting a bullet through the bunch for a proper kaboom. The lighters gave way to shaving foam bottles, a rather odd choice at first, but everything makes sense when you see the beautiful mess they create as speeding bullets puncture the pressurized bottles.

It’s anybody guess how the video blogger chooses the random objects for these videos, but in this particular instance, it seems as though he simply asked for the most flammable objects in the shopping mart and gathered all of them together for the viral footage.

The video ends with a shooting spree at the highly flammable and “shouldn’t be shot at” WD40 cans. Sure the WD40 are life-savers for almost every engineer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy watching them turn into dust and ashes. Satisfying enough! The best part of video constitutes of a WD40 can flying out of the screen in slow-motion as the pressurized contents burst out and hurtle the can into oblivion.

All of this anarchy with a gun smaller than a .22; just imagine what would follow if the YouTuber tries this with a .40/.45 Glock. For now, I’m just happy that MrGear isn’t my fortunate neighbor or I would have to live with the sound of gunshots 24/7.

Needless to say, one should never attempt the craziness at home no matter how awesome the sight seems!

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