Wondering Which Type Of Tire Suits Your Car? This Will Help You Decide

The world is a confusing place that you won’t be able to get through so easily, at least without a car. Becoming a proud owner of a car will bring you responsibilities as much as that of a newly born baby. You better be prepared for it!

Manufacturers make a gazillion different kinds of wheels, and all of them are obviously meant for some good purposes. It will take some time before you familiarize yourself with all of these kinds, so it is better to begin with the general categories first.

Take a good look at the image and move on to the details below.

Image: Mechanics Tips

All-Season Tire

These tires are designed for all kinds of weather conditions, may it be rain, snow, ice, or dry weather. Most cars use these tires, but they are nothing less than a trouble in extreme winter conditions.

Winter Tire

The extreme winter conditions end up in wet and icy roads that require significantly more traction. Hence, these tires are made to stay soft and pliable at very low temperatures to make your drive more comfortable and safe even on the super icy irregular surfaces.

Performance Tire

Meant for speed and superior handling, these tires provide excellent grip on dry roads but cost significantly more than all of its peers. Moreover, their life span is much shorter.

Touring Tire

The touring tires are designed for smooth and comfortable rides with higher speed ratings and much shorter stopping distances. They work perfectly well on dry and wet pavements but avoid using them in the winter season.

So next time you go to a tire shop, Pick the right tire for your car!

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