These 8 Simple Driving Tips Will Save You Lots Of Fuel


Almost every adult needs to own a car to get through life, but not everyone knows how to keep it in the best condition or how to make the most out of the fuel you put in it. You would never mind a few bucks you can save on fuel just by being careful.

Save yourself a plenty of maintenance and fuel costs. Just follow the following instructions while driving your vehicle.

8. Service Car In Time

You know that the oil filter and oil in your car should be changed every 4,500 miles. If you love your car, you’d better follow it religiously. In the worst of the conditions, not changing the oil will result in an engine failure, and you should better not get to that end!

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7. Do Not Use AC Excessively

The hottest of summer days are just impossible to go without air conditioning but do not over use the AC as it increases the fuel consumption by 15 percent. Keeping the AC turned off while driving will save you a gallon of gas every 100 miles.

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6. Take The Shortest Route

You need to run dozens of errands every day, so you’d better schedule them in a way where you can take the most efficient route to save yourself both time and fuel. Since a cold engine consumes more fuel in the first few miles, try doing most of your tasks in one big trip.

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5. Keep It Easy On Accelerator

An empty highway is a pure temptation to just step on the pedal with full force, but you’d better know that both acceleration and braking should be done smoothly to ensure safety and less fuel consumption.

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4. Use Cruise Control

A car will consume significantly more fuel at 110 km/h as compared to 90 km/h, even though the speed difference is not that big. Follow speed limits and use cruise control to ensure efficient fuel consumption.

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3. Don’t Drive In Rain

Wet roads are not just an invitation to accidents, but the added water resistance also adds to the fuel consumption. Unless it is important, avoid driving in rainy days.

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2. Keep Tire Pressure In Check

If your tires are properly inflated, they will provide an optimal braking path. If they are under-inflated even by 0.1 atm, the fuel consumption goes up by 2-3 percent. Keep the pressure always in check, especially when you are driving in cold weather.

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1. Keep Your Vehicle Light

Some of us just throw things in the car without even bothering to take them out. If you do not need that extra stuff in your car, just take it out as the extra weight is only adding to the fuel consumption.

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Did we miss out any important tip? Let us know in the comments’ section below.

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  1. Simon Milton Reply

    driving in low gears when moving at a constant speed. example. 30mph in a 5 gear car. most drive in 4th gear. As long as the engine isn’t straining then cruise along in 5th gear instead…

  2. M Junaid Malik Reply

    Short travels are most expensive ones, if you are going to local market which is at a 5 -10 mins walking distance, dont be lazy and instead of driving to the market just walk, good for health and light on pocket.

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