Woman Shows How You’re Actually Supposed To Play An Iconic Computer Game – And People Are Losing Their Minds

Think back to those endless hours huddled in front of your computer, trying to conquer the relentless riddle that is Minesweeper. Most of us resigned ourselves to the belief that it was a game of pure chance, but hold onto your hard-earned nostalgia because a TikTok sensation, known as @p.hops, has turned the tables on this classic pastime.

In her viral video, she opened with a tantalizing promise: “I am about to make all your middle school dreams come true because I am going to tell you how to play this stupid game called mine, something or other.”


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The revelation was as elegant as it was game-changing. Instead of recklessly clicking squares randomly, @p.hops urged players to start with any square and observe the numbers that materialize in neighboring squares after the initial pick. These numbers, as it turns out, aren’t just a cruel coincidence but hidden gems that reveal the number of mines adjacent to each square. With this newfound wisdom, players can decode the un-clicked squares, inferring their mine-laden status based on these adjacent mine counts. Minesweeper is no longer a game of blind luck; it’s a strategic playground.

To further empower players, they can employ flags or question marks to mark squares suspected of concealing mines, thus ensuring they remain in control of their progress. @p.hops concluded her tutorial with a confident “That’s how you play it. You’re welcome!”

Yet, not everyone was ready to embrace this revelation with open arms. Traditionalists argued that the heart of Minesweeper lay in its unpredictability, and they weren’t prepared to relinquish the thrill of randomness. One staunch defender proclaimed, “You’re supposed to pick them randomly. I will not allow you to ruin my childhood with this nonsense!”

Another, clearly peeved, stated, “I’m kind of mad that she explained it.” A third player contended, “That’s not how you play. You click randomly and hope for the best. That’s the rule!” Some chose to see the humor in the situation, commenting, “A whole generation played this game without understanding it.”

In the end, the TikTok revelation has left Minesweeper enthusiasts at a crossroads, torn between the allure of the newfound strategy and the allure of unbridled randomness. No matter which path they choose, one thing remains undisputed: Minesweeper’s ability to captivate players, whether through luck or strategy, endures a testament to the enduring charm of this classic game.

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