WATCH: Woman Detained After Angry Outburst At Tesla Booth At Shanghai Auto Show

Are you still waiting for that refund on the ‘accidental double billing’ for your Tesla? or are you trying to cancel your solar roof order after Tesla doubled its prices overnight? Then this video of a woman protesting while standing on top of a Tesla Model 3 might just be a good pass time for you. Though her reasons were different this woman did almost hijack the Tesla show booth in China.

So a little context about why this happened. Tesla may have its problems in the US as well but it is pretty much the same in China as well. Though in China claims have been floating around of a braking issue and other complaints in its cars for a while. While Tesla did nothing. This led to protests by some people who actually encountered these issues without any sort of compensation from the company.

This woman, who the police only referred to as ‘Zhang’ was one such customer who had been protesting against the company about the brake issue in its cars. She protested because she was in a crash due to the brakes. Well during this particular show booth, the protest got a little heated. So heated that she actually climbed on top of a Model 3. She was detained later for “disrupting public order”.

You can watch happened in this Tweet below.

She is now being held for five days. But she succeeded, the video went viral on Monday across every social network in China. Before this video went viral, Tesla didn’t really do anything to fix the issues, even blaming Zhang for speeding instead of saying that the breaks were faulty when her crash happened.

Now many news outlets and even the government have spoken up and called for investigations into the issues. The Commission for Political and Legal Affairs of the Communist Party of China Central Committee also posted on WeChat that Tesla should respect consumer wishes and complaints while complying with the local laws and regulations.

After the backlash Tesla released a second statement on Tuesday, apologizing for not handling consumer complaints sooner. It said it will now review its service and operations due to backlash and protest. That’s right Tesla, the Chinese factory accounts for a huge part of your global sales so it warrants a few quality checks and better customer service.

It seems like Tesla has a new issue everyday now.

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