This New eVTOL By NFT Can Be Folded Up Into An SUV


The new vehicle by NFT is a four seat electric SUV with an ability to transform to an electric VTOL/STOL aircraft.

Aska comes at a whopping high price, but that gets equal with the kind of features it offers. Its earlier concept was a roadable eVTOL with a three-seat retro saloon body and its fans mounted in its hood and tail sections.

Aska’s wings get folded automatically into half and scissors back to close. The folding wings feature enables it to become a perfect fit SUV suitable for the roads. Its tilted wings position allows the VTOL vehicle to make vertical takeoff and landings.

The electric vehicle is suitable for both flying and running on the roads. Moreover, it could be used as a short takeoff and landing vehicle by pointing the middle props and the wings forward while pacing up to takeoff.

Aska, with the most efficient proven way to fly, packs range extenders that increase the vehicle’s capacity to go for longer runs and is also backed by the capability to charge the vehicle mid-air using hydrogen. With these features, NFT claimed their vehicle could make a 400 km continuous flight.

The electric VTOL and STOL vehicle Aska is destined to grab more attention than hyper-cars we see on the roads, thanks to its catchy folded wings look. It looks coming straight from the future, with the same idea flowing to its insides. The whole of its interior could be customized as per the clients’ preference, with a standard stylish steering wheel, for both on-road travels and to fly the aircraft.

You would require a pilot’s license to operate one, but don’t worry, NFT got your back with that included in the whopping high $789,000 package. Aska is announced to run the initial tests by the end of 2022 and reach its owners by 2026. Still, the vehicle seems more like a fantasy as holding it back are the long and complicated processes to certify and commercialize it.

Aska sounds like a promising electric vehicle for door-to-door flights. You can run one on the road but with passers looking at it in awe. You can always take off the vehicle if there is a traffic jam ahead of you, the very feature that makes it so very special. Enjoy all the offered features and details on the modern electric aircraft in the video below.


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