WISPaway Is An Innovative One Handed Broom And Dustpan


Cleaning is a chore that is yet to be revolutionized by the robotics industry. Besides robotic vacuum cleaners, there isn’t anything life-altering. Cleaning the house is something nobody is very eager to do, yet it must be done. WISP has looked into that problem and come up with their product WISPaway, which is an innovative broom and makes cleaning, not the arduous task as we think it is.

(Source: Engineering)
WISPaway looks like your traditional broom and dustpan at a first glance but there is more to it than meets the eye. WISPaway is designed to be one-handed that makes it the only broom in the world to be so. You don’t have to bend down and balance the dustpan in one hand while you broom with the other, the dustpan is designed such that it can be locked in place with your foot.
The video below shows the idea behind this innovative broom:
Now you can use the broom standing up and say goodbye to back pain or cracking of knee joints. The curved design of the broom traps all the dust particles in the sweep zone and dust clouds don’t rise up as seen in traditional brooms. The electrostatic bristles attract dirt, dust, and pet hair and are rigid at the same time to sweep up the glass and broken ceramics.

You can run a comb attached to the side through the bristles and they are completely cleaned, saving you hours that are normally spent cleaning the brush after every sweep. The WISPaway has a telescoping handle which can go up to 51 inches and you can easily clean hard to reach places.

(Source: Engineering)

Making these minute changes to a broom made the process so much simpler and its huge success resulted in a miniature version of the broom to clean tables and countertops. That is known as the miniWISP. You can see the video showing how to use the broom below:


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