Adding Graphene Is The Key To Prolonging The Life Of Roads

Graphene is an allotrope of carbon single layer thick material which has limitless benefits in almost every field. Its latest benefit has been discovered when it was mixed with asphalt. Two Italian companies came together to combine the two materials creating stronger and more durable roads.

Directa Plus is a producer of graphene-based products, while Iterchimica specializes in additives for asphalt. The two have come together and have developed an additive for asphalt using Directa Plus’ Graphene Plus technology known as Eco Pace. They have applied for a patent as well, and claim that the product greatly improves the durability and sustainability of asphalt-road surfaces.

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This improvement in properties is a result of graphene’s thermal conductivity. This makes the mixed asphalt less likely to soften in warm temperatures and harden in cold temperatures. It also reduces road wear-tear under heavy loads by increasing the elasticity of the asphalt. Eco Pave has the potential to double the road life,  increasing it from 6 to 7 years up to 12 to 14 years.

All these benefits are the reason due to which the companies believe that their product will revolutionize road life. They believe the product to be the best and the most economical option for road maintenance applications like repairing potholes. What’s more is that the asphalt mixed with Eco Pave is 100% recyclable. All the milled asphalt will be able to be used repeatedly in laying new pavements.

According to the two companies, Eco Pave has been tested in the laboratories and has undergone small-scale trials and passed all of them with flying colors. We might see this product becoming commercially available very soon, with the great number of benefits it carries with it.

(Source: New Atlas)

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