WiGait Is A New Wireless Wall Device That Will Put Fitbit Out Of Business

A morning walk and daily exercise are the only sure short ways to remain fit and healthy! The latest trend of wearable smartwatches and Fitbits solely revolve around this fact, as they promise to track our movement to provide better estimates for future planning and performance analysis.

But, these Fitbits usually use GPS technology that is not accurate enough to track every footstep, especially in case of indoors. MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have found a way around this problem. They have designed a non-invasive and non-wearable method to perform the same task with greater accuracy by using invisible wireless signals.

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The device is called the WiGait, an antenna-less Wi-fi router that blasts low-power wireless signals that bounce off a person and determine his speed. This signal is almost one-hundredth of the magnitude of electromagnetic radiation emitted by a smartphone. These signals can precisely measure a person’s speed and stride length at 85 percent accuracy, which is more than any current Fitbit. Details of the new device can be read in this paper.

via WiGait Tracking Patterns

The WiGait tracks multiple people simultaneously and can be installed anywhere inside the houses, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, and offices. It can also be used to monitor elderly patients’ movement so as one can deliver them adequate medical attention.

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But why it is so that WiGait doesn’t need any wearables or watches that need to be charged and synced with companion apps? The answer is pretty simple; this unobtrusive and non-invasive device passively works after you stick it on a wall. Of course, it can’t replace Fitbit and smartwatch apps for longer outdoor runs. But it’s MIT, so you never know when they are going to come up with a grander version of WiGate to keep tabs on everyone.

Watch the device in action in the video below!

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