This Incredible Wireless And Contactless Charging System Can Charge 4 Phones At A Time

Wireless charging is not an idea that is as new as we think it is. It has been around for phones ever since the Qi wireless charging system was introduced. The new Apple phones come with support for the Qi charging pad, but the company has not revealed its charging pads yet. The reason we crave wireless charging systems is for the freedom to carry our phone without staying stuck to the tiny length of our charging cables. Unfortunately, the new charging systems limit us even more to our charging pads and that kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

Image: Android Community

Pi is the startup company that plans to give us the freedom we yearn for. The Pi Wireless charging system uses resonant induction technology, the same one that Qi used. However, its cone-shaped device shapes and directs magnetic fields around the device by using beam-forming algorithms. You do not have to place the phone on the device; place it nearby or just pick it up and use. It will continue to charge, nonetheless!

The technology works fine with the phones that come with wireless charging support like the new Galaxy phones and the iPhones. If your phone does not include this feature, you can use the magnetic charging case with the Pi wireless charging system.

You can place the Pi charging cone at your work desk and charge up to 4 phones at full speed. If you add more phones after that, the charging speed for all of them will go down.

No more tangling cords!

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