This Aircon Watch Is Your Personal Wearable Air Conditioner For Every Type Of Weather

The world is delightful until the heat of the sun begins to boil you in a two-minute walk outside. When it’s cold enough, you have to drown yourself in piles of warm clothes to keep your teeth from cluttering. The world’s first personal A/C watch called Aircon Watch claims that it can regulate your body temperature.

Image: Aircon Watch/ Kickstarter

The Aircon Watch uses “ClimaCon” technology that makes the wearer’s wrist warm or cold to regulate the temperature of the entire body. According to the inventors, the watch can make the wearer feel warm or cool irrespective of the surrounding climate. The creators say that humans can “change the signal that our nervous system sends to the brain by using the Aircon Watch to generate pulses of heat or cold. By this method, we can trick our brain into thinking that we are cooler or warmer than we are.”

The watch is designed by Aircon, a Hong-Kong-based company. A group of researchers from Stanford University did a study on human body temperature regulation in 2012, and this is what the Aircon inventors based their technology upon. A device embedded in the strap of the watch confuses that part of the brain that regulates body temperature. It starts sending pulses that interfere with those signals that the nervous system is sending.

When the wearer begins to feel warm, they can set their watch to send pulses while informing the body that it needs to cool down. The battery of the Aircon Watch allows a cooling time of four hours and a heating time of about eight hours. The friendly interface has three buttons to let you regulate the temperature. The straps can be interchanged to let your watch work with anything that you wear.

Image: Aircon Watch/ Kickstarter

The makers of Aircon Watch are currently running a Kickstarter campaign that has already achieved more than 27 times of its pledged goal of HK $38,000. You can pledge HK $623 (US$ 79.99) to get the early bird special, but the future retail price of the Aircon Watch will be $129. The only question is: Will the watch live up to the hype that it has created? Is it that simple to cool down or warm up a person with a strap as their website states, “watch can be used in any temperature, any season, or any time zone.”

We can only wish that the Aircon Watch does the promised function and put an end to our temperature miseries. The deliveries are expected by December of this year, so we have to wait and see if the product is as wonderful as we imagine it to be.

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