WinBot Is A New Window Cleaning Robot


Robotics has come a far way in the last decade or so and we seem to be progressing at a rapid speed. Nowadays, we are looking at robots that are capable of doing stuff which would require us a lot of effort and time. With these robots, we can have the work done in only a fraction of time and minimal effort.

WINBOT 3Among many such robots, a new invention is the WINBOT. The name sounds a bit unique, no? Well, once you know the task which this robot is capable of performing, the name would make sense as well. This robot is capable of cleaning your windows and is also known as the Window Cleaning Robot. This robot will replace how you go about cleaning your windows.

WINBOT 2The robot also holds the title of being the world’s first robot that is capable of cleaning glass windows of any thickness. The robot doesn’t restrict itself to just glass but is capable of cleaning Thermopane windows as well.

WINBOT 6 WINBOTThe idea is to let the robot take care of the hard work while you sit back and enjoy! On a serious note, are we really moving towards a future like one that was depicted in Wall-E? Where will all this technology lead us to? A better future or our own downfall?
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  1. Eric Reply

    PLEASE make something like this for solar panels! I want something I just leave on the roof an and let it be, self maintaining…

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