RoboPlow Will Clear Your Driveway Of Snow While You Have Breakfast


Among many other things that accompany winters, the most formidable is the snow. Nothing is more frustrating than to get up on a Sunday morning and have to plough the snow away from your driveway. Wouldn’t it be fun if someday, some company came up with a robot that would do this job for us, no?
Roboplow3Well, your prayers have been answered folks! A firm based in North Carolina by the name of SuperDroid Robots has developed a robot that would plough snow for you while you sit back and relax.

RoboplowAccording to Susan Payne from SuperDroid Robots; ‘It was a technology transfer project, we built a robot for the NY fire department, so we decided to put a fun twist on it.’ The robot will cost you $8,500 and will prove most useful if the snow level lies between 2-6 inches. The robot is a six wheeler and comes with a plough blade which is 52” in length and works pneumatically. The robot can be controlled via tablet or your desktop PC. It weighs about 181.82 pounds and is capable of running for two hours on two car batteries. However, there is room for more batteries and hence, more work time.

Roboplow 2You can add camera to the mix as well and may opt for chains instead of wheels. According to Payne; ‘It’ll plow a parking lot on a single charge, and works best in 2-6 inches of snow.’ The robo-plow, as it is being called, was basically built for internal use at the company but due to the attention it received, they have decided to sell the gadget and are planning to go into market with this idea. The robot can also be controlled by employing the standard remote control. However, it can also be controlled via your computer like Payne said; ‘You could remote control it from your computer.’

Roboplow4The firm also allows for attaching individual ploughs depending upon user’s requirements. Headlights have also been incorporated to make it easier to use as well. Amazing little robot, isn’t it?

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