This Will Happen To Your Ears If You Don’t Take Your Earbuds Out


Earbuds have become a bare necessity for people who are going for long jogs, gyms, introverts and for those who want to avoid the noisy environment of their office. These are also among the most popular gadgets these days. The Apple’s AirPods are mostly the go-to earbuds available on the market. The company also admitted that after the launch, they were unable to keep up with the demand for the earbuds.

Besides being the most used gadget, what will happen if you never take your earbuds out? The team of Digg discussed the case that arises when you start using earbuds excessively with an otolaryngologist, Anil Lalwani. The first thing that will happen is the excessive amount of wax. But that’s no biggie!

The worst and real problem is actually the bacteria buildup inside the ear. The dirt on the headphones brings in bacteria and moisture from the sweat or the normal perspiration also enhances the growth of the bacteria. Lalwani told that the combination can lead to an infection, called Granuloma if the use still remains constant just like it was before.

The methods to keep yourself safe from the infections and bacteria are really simple. First of all, don’t share your earphones with anyone. Even if it’s a close friend, you don’t want another person’s bacteria on your earphones and then in your ear. Secondly, disinfect your earphones regularly. Many experts recommend doing that once or twice a week depending on their usage. These simple tips can save you a lot of pain, time and money. After all, prevention has always been better than cure!


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