Bubble Hotels Are The New Tourism Craze

bubble hotel

Camping out in the wild is not for everyone. There are indeed very beautiful sights but to have those views, you also need to fight the extreme temperature, bugs, and uncomfortable sleeping conditions. Recently the trend of glamping has increased a lot but it’s a luxury that cuts you off from your surroundings. The solution to this problem has arrived in the form of bubbles. These are transparent and inflatable domes and have been popping up all over the world in all the beautiful locations.

A bubble room is basically an inflatable dome which is kept erect by a silent ventilation system. The system keeps the air refresh and also keeps the temperature perfect for those who are inhabiting inside, no matter what the condition is on the outside. The benefit of staying in a bubble is very apparent especially when you are camping at some gorgeous location anywhere around the world.

From deserts in Jordan to snow forest in Iceland, a stay in the bubble hotel allows the visitors to come very close to nature while they can still enjoy the comfort of staying in a hotel. These bubble hotels are getting more and more luxurious with time. Now there are bubble suites also available with multiple rooms, king-sized beds, bathrooms and underfloor heating as well.

Have a look at these beautiful bubbles hotels in various parts of the world.


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