Why You Should Use Custom Medals

Many organizations host activities and competitions to crown a winner and appreciate the remaining participants once the event is over. It’s always a hassle deciding on what to give the individuals as an award: Should it be a cash prize, certificate, or plaques? Should only high performers receive one or everyone who signed up for the tournament?

One excellent option is custom medals since they provide the creativity and flexibility required to acknowledge and inspire contestants’ accomplishments and endeavors. Prestigious games like the Olympics have been awarding medals for hundreds of years to their competitors. Keep reading to understand a few key considerations behind providing custom medals at competitive events.

  1. They Make Your Event Stand Out

Medals act as marketing tools or souvenirs that can help your participants connect with the event itself, prompting them to keep coming back and earning different medals at different levels. Individuals are more likely to be impressed when you create an innovative, custom-designed award that looks sharp.

For example, suppose there’s a martial arts tournament they took part in a few weeks ago where they were provided with a simple award ribbon. In contrast, at your competition, you are rewarding participants with an ornate, two-tone custom medal that’s not very common. They’re more likely to show off your award and return to your tournament. 

  1. Builds Your Brand

These awards can be used for brand building. If having fun is one of your brand values, what better way than letting your medals promote and reflect this attitude. You can include an engraving of a custom message such as ‘Champion’ or attribute a shiny gold star on the first place medal. Creative or humorous awards help reinforce your brand’s commitment to a balance of work and entertainment. 

  1. A Sense of Value

When people accomplish or win something, many want to hold onto a tangible demonstration or a physical object of their accomplishment. Providing gold medals to the winner and silver and bronze to the runners-up helps to upgrade every individual’s worth and makes them feel a sense of achievement. They feel proud and content, causing your organization to feel empowered by their investment rather than thinking it was a waste. 

  1. Improved Employee Engagement

Many businesses have a hard time implementing employee engagement. The tradition of annual reviews certainly doesn’t help since employees want to receive recognition timely upon excellent performance. 

If you want to ensure your employees are satisfied, don’t give them feedback months after they carry a big project through or do exceptionally well at a task. You can adopt custom medals or challenge coins, using them to reward employees at regular intervals. This way, their hard work and effort are acknowledged, encouraging them to interact more and create a healthy workplace environment.


Custom medals have much to offer, acting as collectible keepsakes and fostering goodwill. The awards you have to offer will attract many sponsors and keep participants returning, bringing in revenue that can be used to enhance your organization’s operations further. If you haven’t already, don’t hesitate to reach out to companies that specialize in customizing die cast medals, coins, lapels, and much more. They’ll collaborate with you and bring your vision to life. 

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