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Why Are Shower Curtains So Clingy When You Are Showering? Here’s The Answer

Why Are Shower Curtains So Clingy When You Are Showering?

We have all been there; peacefully showering only to find that our shower curtain is becoming super clingy to the point where it feels like it is attacking us. Why though? Have you ever stopped to wonder? What causes it to become so clingy? Don’t worry, the YouTube channel, SciShow, is ready to take on the mystery for you and find out why the shower curtains attack the innocent victim every time.

Although it might not appear to be a scientific mystery, however; a lot of work has been done to figure out why the shower curtains cling to people while they are showering. Yes, it is true, and we are not making it up. The good folks at SciShow have uncovered the science that is behind this little problem that might sound funny becomes quite the pestering. The SciShow host will be taking you through the theories that have been given in attempts to explain why the shower curtains act the way that they do.

We are happy to see that the people running the YouTube channel actually catered to this question since the question was posed by a fan. So coming back to the question; why do shower curtains cling to us while we are attempting to shower? There are a variety of theories, all of them based on physics, that try to explain this phenomenon. At first, the team of SciShow thought this happened because of hot water. However, the problem persisted with cold showers as well.

The next obvious area to consider was air pressure. We will not be explaining all of the theories here; you will have to watch the video for yourself to find that out. Check out the video below to learn why your shower curtains cling to you so that you can be careful the next time you are headed to take a shower. Do let us know what you think of this amazingly informative video!