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Horizontal Shower

Revolutionize Your Shower Experience 2
We are continuously bombarded with more and more innovations and while some of them are quite ridiculous, every now and then we find something that is cool enough to blow us all away.  One such innovation was recently revealed. Dornbracht is a bathroom and kitchen fittings manufacturer and they are the ones who came up with this idea. We’ve already heard about the Ambiance Tuning Technique (shower technology) and this particular innovation, Horizontal Shower, comes as an addition to the above mentioned technology. Using this new innovation, one may very well enjoy the Ambiance Tuning Technique while lying down.

Dornbracht sure has improved the showering experience with this innovation and CEO Andreas Dornbracht said; ‘With Horizontal Shower, we are transporting the showering experience into a new dimension. The result is total relaxation, the kind only experienced by someone reclining. Tension in the head and muscles melts away, everyday stress is washed away with the water; body and mind are revitalized.’

Revolutionize Your Shower Experience 3The Horizontal Shower comes with six Water-Bars which have been placed in a wide shower field that is located right above the recliner. User can make use of the water choreographies which are pre-programmed to achieve different flows in order to find that particular experience which is being sought by the user. The shower control panel is located at the head area of the recliner which makes it easier for the user to access and vary the shower as per user’s requirement and oh the recliner itself is heat-able. This Horizontal Shower can be employed in private and/or public spas as well.


The Horizontal Shower comes with a setting for three scenarios; Balancing, Energizing and De-Stressing. Each scenario has different water choreography designed to achieve the desired feeling by making changes to water flow and temperature. The idea here is to unite one’s soul, mind and body.

Revolutionize Your Shower ExperienceThe Horizontal Shower combines modular components of the Ambiance Tuning Technique with Water-Bar water outlets. With this combination, different types of water presentation can be staged in three scenarios. However, the innovation still has plenty of room for coming up with one’s own configuration for the showering experience. The Ambience Tuning Technique was designed as a part of the ‘Transforming Water’ concept and was first revealed at SHK Essen 2010.
Nonetheless, this Horizontal Shower sure is something great and we wouldn’t be surprised to see it being employed in therapies and top end spas. Who wouldn’t want a long shower while lying on a recliner?

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