Who saves $2 million For A Lamborghini When You Can Make Your Own For $15,000 Only

Lamborghini Vs Volvo

‘Don’t take everything on its face value’ is what we have been learning and are told every now and then, Isn’t it? But what do you do when you see a Lamborghini parked outside and looks exactly like the $2million super car?
LamboWill you go and ask your friend to take a picture of you posing with your new ride or will you make sure that it is a real Lamborghini and not just a Volvo?

DIY Lamborghini

Whoa, back off over there. Volvo and Lamborghini are way too far apart man, how can you mistake one for another? Well that is the reason why you are reading this post; some guys from Kyrgyzstan wanted to have a Lamborghini but were not willing to spend $2 million for a car so they decided to do something epic. They took a Volvo 740 which was 30 years old, and spend about $15,000 and voila; Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is ready! Not a bad deal, wouldn’t you agree? This is a carbon copy of the $2 million worth super car.

Lamborghini Vs Volvo 2The guys spend quite some time in making drawings of their dream car and then finally employed metal, carbon steel and acrylic glass to come up with this modified Volvo. They made use of BMW X5 wheels though, but oh well. This endeavor took them three months to complete and this approach is more feasible than saving up $2 million!

The modelHowever, beware that this mode is just a model and the car can’t be driven at all. But it sure does look awesome to have a Lamborghini parked out in front of your house, no?


  1. THOMAS Reply

    I love technology. . .they are gradually changing the world with new ideas…everything will be easier as it’s now.. God bless technologists

  2. kixx025 Reply

    Spend $15,000 for an unusable replica? I would put a mail slot to turn it to a pretty darn expensive mailbox.

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