Which Android Emulator Is Better For Free Fire

Free Fire was devised for Android and iOS in December 2017 by Garena Studios, a ten-year-old gaming publisher and flatformer. Free Fire is analogous to other mobile battle royals like PUBG Mobile and begins airdropping as many as 50 players to an island where they can find weapons and get rid of each other. It was also one of the most downloaded games over the last year. Even though 2020 is now, there really is no sign of its decline.


Free Fire is a very entertaining game. It only requires 10 minutes to complete a round, which indicates you have to move quickly. The shortened the reaction time of the switching action, the faster you can proceed. But most of the touch screen takes time to react until you can switch the work, especially when your phone may not have a multi-touch screen. This is why we’re advising you to play Free Fire with an emulator to give you greater control of the game.

With several emulators out there, you might feel uncomfortable selecting one for Free Fire. Don’t worry about it. We’ve already picked up some best emulators to play this game online with all its charm. Here is the list:

  • LDPlayer-Best emulator for free Fire on pc:

LDPlayer is a free Android emulator that lets you play smartphone games and use your Computer’s software. It was created and built to optimize your Android gaming experience on your PC, notably Garena Free Fire. Through using LDPlayer, you turn your Computer into a fantastic mobile game site!

Free Fire is a game that’s accessible to low-end computers. You don’t have to use a beast machine to control 60 FPS Free Fire with LDPlayer. LDPlayer has also been optimized for high-performance PC Free Fire gaming. You can easily reach 60 FPS if you follow the instructions below. Make sure you chose the right Free Fire simulator and in-game settings. 

1: Open the settings of your emulator from the toolbar and switch to “Advanced.” 

2: Add “4 cores” to CPU and “3072 M” to RAM. 

3: Press the “Save” button to make the changes

Next, you need to open Free Fire and switch to the in-game settings. On the top right of your screen, you’ll see the gear button. This is where you can adjust the Free Fire settings for your gameplay. 

1: Select “Ultra” graphics from the primary tab 

2: Allow High FPS mode 

3: Go to the “control system” and choose the “Scope Precision” feature for Aim Precision. 

4: Choose the “One-handed” mode for Vehicle Command.

Playing Garena Free Fire on your Computer doesn’t guarantee you win all the way, but you win on the starting line! To become a better player, you need more Free Fire practice and game manuals. No matter what, LDPlayer is the best emulator for Free Fire if you are a fan of this game!

  • Bluestacks– Best emulator for free Fire on pc:

Bluestacks is among the most common Android emulators in the world. It’s probably at the top of the best Free Fire emulator ranking. The app provides good speed, and developers say that it’s up to 6 times faster than high-end Android devices. You’ll also have the Bluestacks mouse and keyboard control. In reality, LDPlayer and Bluestacks have related gaming functions. The primary difference between the two software, conversely, is the requirement. While LDPlayer is the best emulator for Free Fire on pc 2 GB ram, Bluestacks requires you to have a robust System to enjoy the outstanding performance of the emulator fully.

Besides standard access, Bluestacks also provides “smart control” for Free Fire. This feature can be conveniently activated and used in the device settings. When the configuration is enabled, Bluestacks will automatically update the game. It will also automatically activate the shooting mode whenever its sensors detect that players are about to shoot someone, and it will also help you reduce the time you need to turn the shooting mode on and off.

bluestacks 3 emulator pic.png
  • NoxPlayer– Best emulator for Free Fire PC & Mac:

Nox is a fast, smart Android PC and Mac emulator, much like the Bluestacks Device Player. When you’re trying to use Nox for play, you’ll happily learn that you can use your favorite gamepad to perform several Android games and have the privilege of mapping keys or buttons. It’s based on Android 4.4.2, this is relatively outdated, but with most apps, it shouldn’t be a concern. Nox provides you an Android portfolio, and you can add other apps from the Google Play Store that are built in cooperation with gamers. Nox is entirely optional, but it contains some fantastic goodies that can be accessed from the vertical toolbar on the right corner of the window.

It’s also one of the popular Android emulators. Its popularity is partly because it claims to support both Windows and Mac. Its UI is quick and convenient to use. Besides, apart from mouse and keyboard control, gamepad control is also supported. Its default control system is similar to that of the LDPlayer.

nox player 4 emulator pic.jpg
  • Final Thought:

The emulators listed above are the top 3 Free Fire Android emulators we used and liked. They all have their very own benefits in terms of playing Free Fire on a Computer. You can choose one of them based on your needs. Personally, LDPlayer is recommended as the best Android emulator for Free Fire Gaming on your PC. So download any of these according to your need and start shooting. Happy Gaming 🙂

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