7 Best Social Networking Apps to Use

With the least expensive internet access, people worldwide are using different social networking apps. Over hundreds of social networking applications are available over Google Play store for android devices and app stores for iOS operating devices. With the increased use of mobile phones, people are socially active over these networking apps for jobs, businesses, connecting to people, sharing ideas, etc. There are so many social networking applications that it was challenging to come up with this list. This article focuses on the seven best social networking apps, which are worth trying this year.

7 Best Social Networking Apps Worth Trying 

1) Facebook

Facebook, the most popular app amongst the populace, leads the list with 2.38 billion monthly active users globally. Owned by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has been successfully able to get its hands over the networking world. However, Facebook lost many of its users in 2018 because of leaking information of nearly 87 million users to the political forum. Later, it improved its security policies and got hold of its former position as the leading social media giant. It has more users than Instagram and LinkedIn combined.

Facebook can be used to stay connecting to many people, not only that it helps to promote brands through paid Facebook ads. It also acts as a marketing tool for affiliate and digital marketers. You can also connect to people for professional work through different Facebook pages and continue the chit-chat over the Facebook messenger app.

2) WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a commonly used social networking application. This messaging app has surpassed the landmark of 1.5 billion active user accounts this year. The counting is still going up, and in the year 2023, it is expected to be around 3 to 4 billion users. India alone has over 340 million WhatsApp users. This app is available over 180 countries in an array of dialects. You can also try third party whatsapp mods, like gbwhatsapp to get more features in your official WhatsApp.

Through this app, you can connect to your friends and family by video calls, phone calls, sharing images, video clips, etc. But this app is not only limited to this. There is more to it. You can sell your products and do branding as well. One can influence the relevant users through your profile picture, about, and status. Choose your audience for the status view and promote any product you like. Share video clips and voice notes to impress your viewers and customers. This application is best for marketing purposes.

3) Instagram

Instagram is the most popular social networking app used by people. It has over 1 billion monthly users. After being purchased by Facebook in the year 2012, its users have been increasing since then. It has so many unique features; using it can produce great content and attract more followers. You can influence people, promote and boost your brand. One can also opt for creating pages to promote marketing. It has added features like IGTV, memories, and live with which Instagram is attracting more users. It will likely become the most used social networking app in the coming years.

4) Twitter

The most used social networking app since the beginning of the 21st century, Twitter has received so many criticisms for its 280 characters limit. Still, people are using it; there are over 336 million monthly active users. The United States and Japan have the most Twitter users. If you want to see the tweets of famous personalities, your favorite celebrities, Twitter is just for you. If you decide to use Twitter, you can go ahead and buy Twitter followers using a reputable tool such as Twesocial. You can also use Twitter as a medium to promote your business. You can put engaging posts and share relevant pictures, GIFs to attract people.

5) LinkedIn

If you want to save your time, connect with the relevant audience, then LinkedIn is just for you. You would meet professionals from all over the world on this social media platform. If you are looking for a job or want to recruit someone, you can connect to many people in the same field. 

LinkedIn acts as a platform where you can do marketing, find jobs, and recruit as well. The United States, India, and China are the three countries that use LinkedIn the most. LinkedIn has over 675 million users, with 500 million monthly active users. Moreover, one can also pay for LinkedIn premiums to use its premium features and connect to more people professionally.

6) Snapchat

Snapchat remains the most popular photo and video sharing app, especially used by teenagers. It has over 238 million daily active users who are mostly young people. It has a high, maintained security policy. Whenever the recipient views your message or a snap, then it automatically disappears after a while.

If used appropriately, Snapchat can be a great marketing tool for promoting and flourishing your business. But first, you have to understand how it works; then you can take advantage of this free app. It has so many features that would help you in creating content for promoting your brands. It has more users than Twitter.

7) Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most used networking apps right now. Owned by Ben Silbermann, Pinterest has over 320 million monthly active users. Its users are mostly from the United States, but it is also attracting many users from other countries. You can also do efficient marketing from this app and earn. It supports both GIFs and images so you can put forth your ideas in this app to get more followers and promote your business. Not only this, one can even take ideas for your projects by following the DIYs and crafts shared by the pinners.

Final Takeaway

With each passing day, the play Store and App store is getting flooded with so many social networking applications that it would be more difficult in the coming days to choose what is suitable for oneself. The above list is more likely to change in the future as more social networking apps are growing, and its users are increasing with the passage of time. These applications provide varieties of features to grab their users’ attention and compete with different social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

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