Whatsapp Will Soon Allow You To Revoke Text Messages That You Have Already Sent

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Have you ever prayed for some texts to disappear mysteriously because you were in the wrong state of mind when you sent them? This new Whatsapp feature may answer your prayers.

Source: Livemint

Whatsapp is reportedly testing a feature that provides the users with the ability to edit or recall their sent messages. Yes! Editing messages even after they have been received on the other person’s phone. Obviously, this will work only if the message has not been read.

Source: TechsNG

What is the point of editing a ‘read’ message, anyway? So if you sent a drunk text and the ticks haven’t turned blue yet, WhatsApp may just save you. The expected update will add ‘revoke’ and ‘edit’ options to the menu for messages that have not been marked with blue ticks. If you revoke your message, it will not only disappear. In fact, the receiver will also see a message saying ‘Sender revoked the message,’ but at least they won’t see the dumb things that you had sent.

WABetaInfo that tracks all the Whatsapp features being tested across platforms was the first one to have spotted this feature. However, this feature is not the only one which they spotted. Whatsapp is also testing a Snapchat Story-like feature that will be called ‘status.’ It can be viewed for 24 hours before it disappears.

Another one is the live location tracking feature which will allow people in groups to track people in real-time to make meetup easier for family and friends. It is a scary feature, though.

As much as all of these features are anticipated, we still do not know when they will be available.

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