WhatsApp Just Got A New Update You Must Know About


The idea of WhatsApp being the best communication app available is debatable, but we cannot deny that the developers are trying their level  best to make sure that we don’t switch to another one of the rivals. We all love our WhatsApp, but there are a few things that have been bugging a lot of regular users for a very long time. Thankfully, WhatsApp just fixed many of them!

WhatsApp allowed us to share many files, but only of the formats that could be read on our smartphones. The next update will let us share practically any kind of file, provided that the size is below 100 MB.

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The new WhatsApp attachment options (left) vs the old Attachment options (right) via gadgetsnow

It has become more of a natural instinct to tap on that WhatsApp icon every time you have to share pictures with friends or family. With the new update, you will no longer need to use a cloud sharing service to send a tiny file to your coworker or a friend.

Along with the file sharing, WhatsApp developers have added a cherry on the top by organizing our photos for us. If you are sending a bunch of photos together, app will only show 3 of them, along with the total number of photos. Thus, a cleaner and less cluttered chat window can be enjoyed.

Go and get your WhatsApp update for the iOS or Android on the respective stores and if you have not received yours already, just wait a tad longer. If the wait is hard, we have another great news for you!

WhatsApp will soon be adding the functionality to play YouTube videos right in the app. It is probably one of the most annoying things to open a link of YouTube video when you are in the middle of a conversation. With the new update, you will no longer need to switch between the two apps. Continue your conversation, without the need to adjust a separate YouTube window on the screen. The functionality is not quite ready yet, but sources say that it will be available for some Apple phones like iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and their Plus versions. As for Android users, we cannot say if it will or will not be available.



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