Roller Coaster Remains Stranded Mid-Air For Hours At A Theme Park

On a fine Sunday afternoon, everyone was out to enjoy the Pleasurewood Hills, a theme park in Suffolk, when a roller coaster got stuck very high on the tracks. A man suffering from back pain had to be rescued by fire fighters.

Image Credits: Ultimate Roller Coaster

A cherry picker was used by the firefighters to reach the man and get him off the ride that remained stuck for two hours. Another visitor, Bryony Davies commented on the incident saying, “Wipeout got stuck at the top and staff did incredibly well to get people down.”

The man in his 40s, rescued by around 20 firefighters was taken to a hospital in Gorleston.

While the park staff waited for the firefighters to arrive, they had “managed to get the roller coaster car down to an elevated platform after it seemed to get stuck in a very high position,” said the Group Commander Ali Moseley. “The car was about three meters off the ground in an awkward position as there was only an angled platform to stand on, around the car to get access to him. The incident was caused because there seemed to be a fault with the ride. It didn’t result in any massive injury, but there was some injury to the individual.”

The group commander also said that all the people were evacuated well in time before the fire service arrived for rescue. It was a rather unusual incident for the fire services to help with, but it was dealt with appreciable efficiency without any serious injuries to any of the riders.

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service

A photograph was later shared by Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service that read: “Working with Norfolk fire and East England Ambulance at Suffolk theme park to rescue man from carriage, many thanks to Pleasurewood Hills for support.”


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