Whatsapp’s Latest Update Now Allows You To Delete The Sent Messages

All people have done something embarrassing in their lives. The millennials are considered particularly stupid or bizarre only because they leave everything out on social media for others. Sometimes to make your life easier and at others to make it miserable, your smartphone is right under your pillow. In your sleepy or drunken state, you fire up a few dumb texts to your ex or your crush, only to regret it moments later, or maybe in the morning. Nope, there is no going back. You are gonna have to dig a hole and hide in there.

WhatsApp is just trying to save you with a new update that will let you delete the messages that you have sent. We heard of it a little while back, but there was no news as to when the feature will be made public. The feature called ‘Delete For Everyone’ is currently in the testing phase and the release is not too far away.

WABetaInfo, a Twitter account that gives out the information about WhatsApp beta, has just revealed the information about this feature that is under Beta testing and will be available soon.

The Twitter account later posted a Tweet that said that a deleted message would also be removed from the Notification Centre and obviously, that applies to both Android and iOS.  The feature has been in the talks for months, and now the people anticipate it eagerly. The ones who have access to the early beta release have the feature disabled by default. They must note that it exists, so find it out in the settings and then enable it yourself!

Image: WABetaInfo/ Twitter

You will tap and hold onto a WhatsApp message and wait for the little menu to appear. Once the feature is added, you will see two new options in the menu that will allow you to either edit that message or revoke the text entirely. It is quite obvious that you will not be able to delete a sent text that has already been viewed.

Reportedly, you will be able to recall the messages sent in the last five minutes whether they contain a text, image, a document, video, or a GIF. Sent the wrong picture to the wrong person? No problem, you can recall it, unless they have seen it already or five minutes have passed.

Not a guaranteed life saver, but a life saver, nonetheless!

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