Watch This Guy Cook A Steak Using Molten Aluminium

There are some really great ways of cooking a steak. The oven, the grill, the stove, whatever fits with you. You may have never thought of cooking one with molten metal. Who has a furnace to melt all that metal anyway? This guy at BackyardScientist has both the furnace, the metal, and an undying love for aluminium. The love is much that the victim of his molten aluminium has become anything from an iPhone, aquarium, watermelon, melon, but thankfully not humans.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know the kind of damage it could do to muscle tissue? You do not really have to cut off your leg for it when you have so many animals sacrificing themselves for a steak.

The guy poured aluminum over a piece of steak and viewed it with a thermal camera. Would the steak burn to ashes? Well, the aluminum does have a melting point of 660 degree Celsius. Watch the video to find out what happens:


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