This Is What Would Happen If You Pass Through An Airport X-Ray Scanner

man in xray machine airport

We have all come across X-ray scanners; whether we are at the entrance of a high-profile establishment or that of a shopping mall. Or even when we are leaving our loved ones for traveling abroad, we have to drop off our luggage to pass through X-ray scanners. But it surely is the ‘luggage’ which passes through the baggage scanner; not the ‘humans.’

In a hypothetical case where, let’s say the full body scanner fails to start, and you are required to pass through a luggage scanner, are there some health or other concerns?

The truth is that the exposure will not produce any medical effects if it is for a short duration like few seconds. People have put their pets through x-ray scanners, only resulting in some incredible attention from the media and the people around. People have also themselves gone through x-ray scanners, such as this simple man hilariously climbing into an X-ray scanner.

Or this one:

But if you are planning to hide away inside a bag to pass through the baggage scanners, things can get ugly. Bags are usually conveyed through Level 1 to Level 4 and end up in the reconciliation room. The automatic baggage handling system is not made to be a comfortable ride, so the person inside the bag will feel giddy and nauseous, and probably will get bruised as well.

With state of the art scanning techniques like we discussed in a recent article, security will most definitely spot your presence. And the rest, of course, is quite evident, the least of which would result in an instant arrest, a legal fight that you are bound to lose and punishment which can range from a couple of months in the jail to full-blown life sentences and hefty fines.

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