This Is What Happens If You Try To Open the Emergency Exit Door Of An Airplane During Flight

airplane door

What if we tell you about someone who opened the emergency exit door mid-flight? You would obviously say that even the thought is absurd. But what if someone plans to do that in real and gets successful in doing so. Here is the answer for you:

If that someone is a super human capable of applying three to four tons of force, then you can quickly open the door. Otherwise, the doors employed in aircraft are plug doors. Such doors only open when there is a significant pressure differential.

Plug type Door
Source: Quora

At high altitudes, the insides of the plane are pressurized, and the pressure on the hatch door is about three to four tons. They are designed to open only towards the inside, which is the area of high pressure.

Boeing 737 Door
Source: Quora

When the plane is depressurized, only then is it possible to open this door. But even then, the pressure on the door is about 800 pounds.

The only way the door can open is by an accident where the door gets damaged; it’ll be super noisy, scary and well you’d have a very hard time breathing.

Source: Quora

Oh and in case you are thinking of attempting to open the door on your next flight for fun don’t do it. Even though the door won’t open the authorities will report you to police and well you might get fined like a man in China did, only $30,000.

Can you predict any other consequence of opening the emergency exit door of an aircraft? Comment below to let us know!


  1. Sarah Reply

    It’s nice to know that the door can not be opened during flight, however, not much detail is given as to what would happen in the cabin IF the door were opened. Would it be windy inside the cabin? Would water molecules form because of the rapid change in pressure? Would the temperature drop? Would the oxygen masks drop down? Would it become hard to fly the plane? Would parts of the plane implode, like the plane in Hawaii that is pictured? Would anyone or anything get sucked out of the plane? Would the pilots know what was going on? Would the pilots continue to have oxygen? Would the pressure stabilize at some point? Would it stay windy in the cabin the entire flight or just until the inside pressure meets the outside pressure?

    Just curious

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