What Do You See In This Optical Illusion? The First Image You Observe Shows Your Dominant Personality Traits


People are typically bewildered by optical illusions because they observe different things. Many optical illusions can reveal a lot about your personality.

One such optical illusion is making the rounds on the Internet. For example, your interpretation of the image below may reveal whether you are more extroverted or introverted.

Take a look at this:

What are your thoughts on this optical illusion? Some viewers may first notice two faces staring at each other on a white background, while others may observe a white goblet against a black background. The first image you see goes into great detail about your main personality traits.

Many TikTok users praised the video’s accuracy; however, a few others who saw the goblet complained the depiction didn’t reflect their personality well. In addition, some people also claimed to see the goblet and the faces simultaneously.

People who initially saw a picture of two people facing each other are more outgoing.

“You prefer to spend time among people, which is why it’s so important to surround yourself with those who support you and bring positive energy to your life. You see the grand scheme of things and don’t get caught up in the little stuff,” the video states.

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TikTok users reacted to the video and discussed how accurate the descriptions were. However, other users who saw the goblet said the description didn’t match up to their personality. Some users also noted that they could see both the goblet and the faces at the same time.

One user said: “I saw the goblet and the two people immediately. So….I am a God.”

“I always see both the goblet and two people,” said another.

The left half of the brain is more rational and structured than the right side, and it excels at abilities like reading and writing. It is claimed that the right side of the brain is more creative and spontaneous. Our personality, such as whether we are more outgoing, extroverted, artistic, or intellectual, is said to be influenced by the dominant side of our brain.

The symbol you see FIRST in this personality test reveals your best trait -  what do you see?

Roger W Sperry, a psychobiologist and Nobel prize winner, proposed in the 1960s that visual illusions reflect which side of our brain is dominant. However, a two-year examination recently revealed no evidence to support this theory.

 “It has been conjectured that individuals may be left-brain dominant or right-brain dominant based on personality and cognitive style, but neuroimaging data has not provided clear evidence whether such phenotypic differences in the strength of left-dominant or right-dominant networks exist,” the research published in 2013, stated.

“Lateralization of brain connections appears to be a local rather than global property of brain networks, and our data are not consistent with a whole-brain phenotype of greater “left-brained” or greater “right-brained” network strength across individuals.”


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