Watch A YouTuber Run His Diesel Humvee On A New Kind Of Alternative Fuel – Fast Food Waste Oil

YouTuber Rich Benoit of the Rich Rebuilds channel has decided to find an innovative way to power his Humvee.

He uses waste oil from fast-food restaurants to power his large vehicle. He states that it can cost anywhere from $100 to $1000. That’s not a bad amount to spend if you think of the price of gas. 

Then he goes to a dollar store and buys a scoop and some funnels and states that with these items he can convert wasted oil into fuel for his Humvee partially for free by refining it on a camp stove. There is no doubt his technique is extremely inventive and his approach highly original, but is it as functional?

First, Benoit needs to get the oil. He asks Poseidon’s employee if he can borrow some of the company’s discarded waste oil to power his vehicle.

As Benoit and his crew reach deep into Poseidon’s barrel to pull out all the waste oil they can get, we start to see how gross and disgusting this process really is. The waste oil is filled with pieces of food and other trash.

The team then heats up and strains the oil on a camp stove. After repeating this procedure several times, the oil is ready for use on the Humvee, and it works!

The effect does not last for long however and the truck soon stops functioning. Benoit concluded his episode by saying he will try his experiment again in the summer when it is warm enough for the solid pieces in the waste oil to properly melt.

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