What are the Capabilities of Current Supercars?


Do you love thrilling, dynamic motors? If you’re in the market for a supercar and want to explore your options, it’s worth taking the time to get the finer details before you make your purchase.

There may be certain aspects of the engine and powertrain that interest you more than others, or you might be looking for the complete package. Whatever supercar you have in mind, here’s a roundup of what some of the leading brands are offering in terms of power. Read on to get inspired.

Talk the Torque

We’re all probably well aware by now that Elon Musk has made some bold claims in the past about his Tesla Roadster, however in many ways he was right to be bombastic about how much Nm was on offer. Without torque, you have no horsepower, and high numbers reveal just how powerful the engine is.

With this in mind, there are plenty of supercars that pack a punch in terms of torque. Aston Martin unveiled the Vantage last year, which has 505 lb-ft of torque, giving it some pretty impressive pep. However, it’s the classic car names that are taking toque to the next level, with the all-new Bentley Continental delivers a whopping 664 lb-ft, and the Dodge Challenger is up there at 707 lb-ft.

The Challenger isn’t too far off some of the classic supercars of the past, such as the 2008 Koenigsegg, with its 796 lb-ft and the Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG’s 738 lb-ft. So, when it comes to torque, it all comes down to how high you want the numbers to go – and just how much power you want as you accelerate.

High Horsepower

The horsepower is a calculation of the speed at which these high levels of torque are being used and how it’s being applied, so this again is all about high numbers. To get a feel for what’s on offer, check out the current offerings from some of the big names in supercars.

For example, McLaren’s Senna GTR has a whopping 825hp and the striking Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro ramps things right up to 1,100hp for its 6.5-litre engine. Keeping these numbers in mind during your search will give you an idea of what’s out there.

Searching for high horsepower means the 2019 models you’re looking out for are sure to pack a punch. As well as the renowned names, look out for new brands on the market that are channelling high horsepower too. Ginetta, for example, is introducing a 600hp model this year, so watch out for new supercars that have horsepower as their main selling point.

Speedy Motors

You can’t look search for your dream supercar without looking at speed – and new models are fast. Be wowed by how quickly they get from zero to 60 and consider your options carefully as there are plenty of super-quick supercars out there.

As well as well-known models like the Bugatti Veyron 16.4, which has set world speed records in the past, you can indulge in cars like the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, which goes from zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds. Or perhaps you might want to try the Ford GT, which reaches top speeds of 216 mph and gets from zero to 60 in three seconds.

These models can frequently be found for sale at leading outlets such as Romans International. Making a note now of what you want before taking the plunge is key to getting the one you want.

Whatever supercar you have your heart set on, be sure to compare and contrast torque, horsepower and speed. With every unveiling, these motors gain in power and deliver impressive results.


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