Safety Tech That’s Changing the Way we Drive

What type of driver are you? Do you handle the morning commute with ease, or do you find yourself feeling frazzled?

Whatever camp you fit into, there are plenty of innovations and top tech devices to ensure that you get to where you’re going safely. From new features to gadgets that have been around for a while, new and used cars are filled with details to keep both driver and passenger alike safe.

Whether you have a brand-new model with a top spec, or you’ve purchased a nearly-new motor from a reputable name like Imperial Cars, you may find some of these pieces of tech in your car.

Detailed Sat Nav

In recent years, in-built maps have become commonplace among many motoring brands. In some cases, you will pay extra for the in-built sat nav on your chosen trim, while top specs tend to come fully-equipped with the latest map reading technology.

The latest satellite navigation systems allow you to choose your route based on factors such as the one with the best air quality and the safest. By inputting this information, you can avoid any rough bends or other potential hazards.

Responsive Voice Control

By 2020, it’s expected that 50% of internet searches will be done by voice command. Plus, with the rise of Alexa and Siri, it should come as little surprise that we’re all going to be talking to our cars soon.

Voice-activated personal assistants will enable us to interact with our vehicles, helping us with a variety of scenarios. Should you need a general traffic report or want help with finding a safe parking spot, you will be able to activate the tech and get a response, Alexa-style.

Self-Diagnosing Cars

Most of us will be used to seeing warning lights flashing on our dashboard, warning us that all is not well with our motor. While this is highly useful, the tech of the future takes this a step further.

Rather than the light flashing and you having to source a garage to help fix it, cars will be able to work out what the problems and faults are. Should it be something related to the software and a simple upgrade required, your car will have the in-built tech to automatically update everything. If a trip to the mechanic is required, the car will have the technology to find the local options and book in an appointment.

As well as being extremely clever, this is high-quality tech that gives you the opportunity to ensure your car is running smoothly and safely.

In-Built Medic

Ove the last few years, Ford has been running tests to create tech that monitors the health of the driver. The American motoring brand has already launched a seat that can check if the driver’s doing into cardiac arrest. Now, there are plans to build on this with tech that monitors glucose levels.

This technology will be designed for diabetic motorists and will be an extension of the checks those with diabetes and heart disease already carry out. By helping them run these checks from the car, they can drive safe in the knowledge that their heart rate and glucose levels are ok.

As more gadgets and features are unveiled, there are sure to be even more exciting safety additions to the cars of the future.

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