Watch This Watermelon Get Split In Half By A 150-Ton Hydraulic Spike

spike hydraulic

The Hydraulic Press Channel often brings impressive footage of break opening or destroying different objects. The channel is created to crush things under pressure and record their videos in 4K. In the latest video, there is a 150-ton Hydraulic Spike which is shown pressurizing a watermelon inside a standard motorcycle helmet. The spike passes through the helmet easily while spearing the fruit.


Then comes two pack of cards, stacked on top of each other. When the cards are placed under pressure, they explode due to heat reaction with the printed surface, but when they faced a spike, the cards split open very nicely. The channel hasn’t provided slow motion footage for which the channel is famous. Lego and candle couldn’t stand the spike and slipped away, but when a hockey puck was placed under the spike, it created a rubber ring out of the plastic.

The regular viewers of the channel were not much impressed with the spike hydraulic and preferred to see pure destruction which is caused by a conventional hydraulic press.

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