This Japanese Handheld Dishwasher Is A Must Have For Anyone Who Hates To Do Dishes

kurasa handheld dishwasher

A Japanese company Thanko has launched a handheld, battery-powered dishwasher which allows you to wash the dishes without getting your hands dirty. Most people hate to do dishes because not only it is boring, but touching the leftover food on the plates is also disgusting. If you are looking for a solution to this problem, then Kurasa Wash is here to your rescue. This device will do the dirty work for you.

Take any dish or bowl, hold it with two crab-like arms and then push a button. Kurasa wash will add detergent and start spinning the plates while scrubbing it with brushes and sponges. Keep the dish under the running water for rinsing, and that’s it. You’re done washing the dishes.

As compared to the regular dishwasher, Kurasa Wash is exceptionally compact and weighs only 650 grams. It has an ergonomic handle and can be held in hand for long periods of time without causing joint pain, and Thanko claims that the device can wash dishes for up to an hour. You can recharge it again within two hours. Kurasa Wash works with dishes up to 220mm in diameter and a depth of up to 60 mm. It is suitable for both large plates and bowls. You can also use it to clean chopstick or cutlery. Just insert them through the brushed and sponges of the device.

Kurasa Wash is waterproof therefore there’s no need to worry about water splashes getting on its buttons or other electronic components. It has a rotation time control as well as a manual switch which keeps spinning the dishes continuously until the button is pressed to stop it. This device is ideal for those who find washing dishes a difficult task and cannot afford to purchase a conventional dishwasher. It was launched on 31st July and can be purchased for $79.


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