WATCH: YouTuber Sets Off 1000 Paint Covered Mousetraps In Super Slow Motion

It’s not every day you come across someone setting up mousetraps just for fun. After spending about 10 hours getting them in position (no, not to kill an army of mice), Gav triggers an interesting and colorful chain reaction. The video at its normal pace is amazing to watch in itself, but the real fun begins in the slow-mo part.

The Slow Mo Guys are a YouTube channel famous for setting up elaborate contraptions so that everyone can experience the world at thousands of frames per second, but this was ridiculous even for their standards. Spending hours patiently to set up all the mouse traps together, Gav then fills them all with various powder colors, and sets off a chain reaction of colors and mousetraps that bounce all over the place creating a sight to behold, preferably in slow-mo.

It is not the first time they used these mousetraps to create a video, though. Earlier, they made a video on a trampoline using the same mousetraps, hence some of the mousetraps aren’t in good shape. Gav says that some are in immaculate condition, while others are nearing the end of their life.

Once all the mousetraps have been placed together, they are filled with various shades of powder color aligned into each line. This alignment can be witnessed in all its glory during the slow-mo replay as it sets off rainbow after rainbow with all the mousetraps going off one after the other.

One of the most fun parts to watch, which wasn’t fun for Gav at all, was him getting his fingers snapped again and again in the mousetraps while setting them up. Even though his fingers must be hurting like mad, the pain was worth it was given he accomplished in recording what he desired. Enjoy!

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